How BRIGHTMAN was born & Why we value

No angel investors. No venture capitalists. Just in our living room, a solid friendship, and an eagerness to create something bigger than ourselves. We were both broke and invested every last penny we had to our name into the launch of the brand. Three weeks later, after the inception of BRIGHTMAN, we had our first batch of designed shirts.

We make the Gentleman’s Wear!

Two friends were discussing among themselves about why the word “Entrepreneur” is underrated in their country and how there’s not a single thing to support one. Even a man when wanted to dress properly couldn’t find a clothing brand that’s in his reach. Thus, the idea of BRIGHTMAN was born.

At BRIGHTMAN we are constantly working on providing affordable yet luxurious fashion wear for men. The unique touches we bring to our collections help us stand out from the rest. Our customers can always rely on us for the perfect attire of any occasion. We pride ourselves on being the go-to online store for every man out there.