Tailored Fit

The tailored fit is an overlap between the slim fit and the traditional fit. It offers a little bit more fabric so it doesn’t cling as closely to the body as the slim fit does. For shirts, it is moderately tapered at the waist while for trousers there isn’t much tapering towards the bottom.

The tailored fit is great for men with athletic or average physiques. Another advantage of the tailored fit is that it has allowance for further tailoring, so you can take it to your tailor who can work their magic to make sure that it fits you perfectly.

Stitching quality is extremely good, not like the regular garments products. Each and every shirt is made by tailor with very carefully.

At BRIGHTMAN we are constantly working on providing affordable yet luxurious fashion wear for men. The unique touches we bring to our collections help us stand out from the rest. Our customers can always rely on us for the perfect attire of any occasion. We pride ourselves on being the go-to online store for every man out there.

Importance of tailored fit for men.
Importance of tailored fit for men.